Timon Osche

Diplom Praxis
Prof. Klaus Hesse


THE WELL is a 3D series that depicts a fictitious transfer of human life into a futuristic web culture. Controlled by Algorithms, distorted by the limitations of the digital landscape, and questioning the very concept of experience. The users disengage from reality and tumble into dark humor and existential crisis. The need to generate attention by any means possible is omnipresent because attention replaced the common currency and forces the users to spend attention even to live. Based on numerous essays regarding the internet, by e.g. Howard Rheingold, Georg Franck, or Armin Nassehi, THE WELL is packed with theoretical concepts, hidden behind everyday life and nearly mindless conversations. Art, content populism, attention, and identity are the concepts that THE WELL tackles in a numbingly slowness, representing the chatting culture of social networks.